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Secure Services

Investments in security are at an all-time high, yet successful cyber-attacks are still on the rise, both in number and sophistication. While today's fast-paced technology innovation powers new strategic initiatives, it also opens new doors for cyber criminals. They target financial assets and personal data, but also intellectual property and critical infrastructure. Our approach helps you get ahead of cyber risk so your business can keep moving forward.

Managed & Maintained Security

As organizations adopt more and varied ways of interacting with employees, constituents, customers and partners, securing proprietary information and other critical business assets becomes exponentially more difficult, and regulatory requirements more stringent. Addressing an ever-changing set of requirements–typically with finite budgets and security talent–presses business leaders to be more risk-focused in prioritizing their security investments. SECURE services help clients establish controls and processes around their most sensitive assets, balancing the need to reduce risk, while also helping to enable productivity, business growth, and cost optimization objectives. Change and innovation don't have to be the enemy of security. We can help.

Managed Security

It is more challenging than ever to keep pace with leading security practices and technologies, the regulatory landscape, and evolving cyber threats. Selectively outsourcing aspects of the cyber risk program can help contain costs, broaden coverage, provide access to subject matter specialist, and guidance to mature operational capabilities.

Compared to the broad range of companies that focus on standardized programs for managing security devices and technologies, the mission of MSi's managed security services is to deliver higher value offerings that support our clients' transformation to a cyber risk approach.